About us.

Rama Resort Estate and Rama International Beach Resort are owned and operated by Roger and Marichu Bound, Roger, an Australian, migrated to the Philippines in the mid 1980's and after a few years of traveling the Country and seeking out Business opportunities, decided the enter the Resort Industry.
an Automotive Engineer by trade had owned and operated Motorcycle Dealerships in the Sydney suburbs of Gordon, Gordon Marine and Motorcycle Center, Gordon Yamaha, Highway Motorcycles and in Brookvale with Rama Motorcycles.
The original Rama International Beach Resort was first erected in Bangantalinga Iba Zambales in 1988, it still remains today, known as Palmera Garden Hotel and Beach Resort.
In 1995 Roger and Marichu purchased the current property in Binoclutan Botolan Zambales, due to it's large size and quiet location, some 19 kilometers South of the original location and started to develop it in 1996, opening in June 1996 as Sunset View Resort, in 1997 it was decided to sell the Iba Resort and concentrate fully on the new site in Botolan.
As the new site was continually refereed to a "Rama" it was decided to change the DTI registration of the Rama name to the Botolan location.
So from July 1997 Rama was "officially" now in Botolan.
The Resort started with 2 rooms (the VIP rooms) a restaurant and a function hall.
1998 rooms had expanded to 4 single rooms, a 3 bedroom family apartment and 6 native cottages.

1999 rooms had expanded with a duplex cottage, containing 1, 1 bedroom air conditioned unit and 1 2 bedroom family fan room. The construction of our maintainance, laundry and generator building along with continued landscaping.
2000 removal of the old water tank and development of the "Fishpond" area as an out door function area under roof.
2001 Construction of the "Seaview" rooms, a duplex of 2 2 bedroom each with kitchen, sala and bathroom.
2002 Construction of the Swimming pool. Pool apron area and landscaping.
2003 Commencement of 2 story building for rooms and function area.
2004 Completion of the 2 story building and new function area overlooking the beach.
2005 Purchase of the adjoining property containing 3 houses for long or short term rentals.
2006 Completion of converting the original function area into rooms with an additional Apartment, family room, 2 Dormitory rooms and a baggage storage room.
2007 Conversion of part of the original property to Housing Lots, individually titled for sale or lease.
2008 The decision to down size the Resort activities and concentrate more on Retirement and long term guests, with the plan of having a friendly family atmosphere for retirees and people who wish to escape the Northern Winter period.
Present; To implement the plans made last year.
The perfect way to finish the day.

Kind regards from Roger, Marichu and Sylvern Bound.
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A Joint Philippine - Australian Family venture

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